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At L3Harris365health, we’re focused on providing you with the tools and resources to live a healthy life.  This includes providing and hosting a number of educational and fitness classes that are fun, challenging and rewarding. 

Fitness Classes!

  • Core and More — Functional Fitness that is essential to both living and regular activities are realized by training the muscles of the core utilizing balls and mats. Please bring your own mat for this class and we will have a ball!
  • Interval Training — Interval training is an excellent way to burn more calories, build endurance quickly and make workouts more interesting by involving alternating high intensity exercise with recovery periods. Equipment such as dumbbells, balance balls, fitness bands and steps will be used for variety and fun! Please bring your mat, also don’t forget to bring your water bottle so you stay hydrated.
  • Yoga — Yoga classes focus on strengthening, balancing and stretching postures using the breath. Classes are designed for all level students; modifications provided.
  • Circuits — Circuit training is a moderate-paced class in which you do one exercise for 30 seconds to 5 minutes and then move on to another exercise, increasing your strength and aerobic fitness. It’s completely adaptable to the individual, as beginners use less weight and perform simpler moves than more-experienced exercisers, but everyone will get a good workout.
  • Zumba — Zumba toning combines Latin dance moves with weighted toning sticks, enhancing rhythm and coordination while toning your muscles. Classes are designed for all participant levels, modifications provided.

Please see our calendar below for upcoming events and select the Class Registration link below to register for any of our health & wellness classes. 



**Please note: for all other services not listed, please call us at (321) 409-4980 to schedule an appointment.

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Members Have Access to:

You have access to Primary Care Physicians, an Onsite Lab, a Full Service Pharmacy, Mental Health services to include a Psychiatrist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Fitness Instructor, Health Coach/Dietician, and Diagnostic Imaging Center. You can either select an L3HFMC provider as your primary care physician for you and your loved ones or use the center for urgent care when necessary.

L3Harris Family Medical Center was established by L3Harris Technologies to provide high-quality, primary health care services.

Medical Technology Transfer Corporation based in Santa Monica, CA manages and operates L3HFMC and University Center Imaging. Operates in Melbourne, FL. 

L3Harris Family Medical Center is located at:

The Oaks Plaza
1800 West Hibiscus Boulevard,
Suite 101
Melbourne, Florida 32901

One block directly north of the Melbourne Square Mall

Clinic: (321) 726-1600
Pharmacy: (321) 726-1614
Wellness: (321) 409-4980