L3HFMC will be closing early on Wednesday at 2pm and reopening late Thursday at 1pm

Pharmacy Refill Form

Be aware that email may generally not provide the same level of confidentiality as telephone or U.S. mail communications.

HIPAA Information

On April 14, 2003, the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) went into effect for all U.S. medical facilities. HIPAA is designed to assure the confidentiality, integrity and security of patient health information. The L3Harris Family Medical Center (L3HFMC) is compliant with Florida’s privacy law and has implemented all necessary procedures to be in compliance with HIPAA. We will post our Notice of Privacy in all waiting rooms and on the L3HFMC website.

In order to continue to protect patient privacy we ask all patients to respect the privacy of other patients. This may include being asked to have a seat in the waiting area until we can accommodate you at the registration desk, pharmacy window and/or patient care area. Due to the nature of the conversations that could be overheard in the patient care area, any friend or family member that accompanies a patient must stay in the exam room with the patient. If the patient objects to having anyone in the exam room while the doctor examines them, they will be asked to stay in the waiting room.

We will also need to obtain your authorization to leave appointment confirmations on your work and/or home phone and/or to send an email that may contain protected health information. Communication release forms are linked below.

HIPAA requires healthcare providers to obtain written authorizations from the patient to release any protected health information that is not related to your treatment, payment, healthcare operations or required by law. For example, we will need to have a written authorization to release or fax immunization records to the public schools.